5 Ways To Wear A Scarf During The Summer Or The Winter Season

A scarf is a very unique piece of clothing that you can tie around your neck to keep warm. It has also become part of fashion, which is why there are many different ways to tie a scarf. Most people do not know how to tie a scarf, while only a few can tie in different knots. A part from wearing your scarf to keep you warm, you can also make it look stylish and match with what you are wearing.

Different Ways To Tie A Scarf


Even though there are many scarf knots you can tie, not all of them are comfortable to wear. Furthermore, other scarf knots take much time to tie that is why you should seek something simple and unique. Other scarf knots are too loose to wear, and the scarf ends up falling off after some time. Most scarves are made of wool or silk to prevent cold, which is why they are also difficult to tie.

Scarves have also become part of style in todayĆ­s fashion, which is why you find winter scarfs and summer scarfs available in the market. However, summer scarves are thinner compared to winter scarves. Another difference you will note about these two types of scarves is that winter scarves are bigger in size and warm. However, not matter the type of scarf you have here are popular knots you can tie your scarf.

Five Popular Ways You Can Tie A Scarf.

1. The Parisian knot. This type of scarf knot is easy to tie and only takes a few seconds. The first thing that you need to do is fold the scarf at the center and wrap it around your neck. Leave a loop on the sides where you will cross the ends once you can tied around the neck. This knot is easy to tie and easy to undo as well.

2. Twice around wear. Twice around may seem like the simplest way to wear a scarf, but it is very difficult to achieve this style. However, most people prefer wearing their scars this way because they are left loose and gives you more space to breathe around the neck section. The technique is to wrap your neck without tightening around the neck without choking yourself.

3. Four in hand. If you want to spend time outdoor engaging into different activities, then you might want to tie your scarf a bit tighter and much shorter. During such a moment, you can tie your scarf in this knot. The scarf will be more fasten thanks to the intertwining knots that covers the chest and throat.

4. The reverse drape knot. The reverse drape knot is easy to tie, which is why most parents use this style to tie scarfs around their kids neck. For you to achieve the reverse drape, wind your scarf around the neck once and twice if you want to make it short, and then tie the ends together on the front.

5. Overhand. The overhand is the simplest way to tie a scarf and does not require any skill in achieving this knot. What you need to do is throw back the scarf over the shoulders and tie a single knot under your chin. However, make sure that the knot is loose and not tight.

All this knots are easy to learn, and you can practice how to tie your scarf in a matter of minutes. However, you should consider the size of your scarf and the fabric that it is made of.