5 Ways To Wear A Scarf During The Summer Or The Winter Season

A scarf is a very unique piece of clothing that you can tie around your neck to keep warm. It has also become part of fashion, which is why there are many different ways to tie a scarf. Most people do not know how to tie a scarf, while only a few can tie in different knots. A part from wearing your scarf to keep you warm, you can also make it look stylish and match with what you are wearing.

Different Ways To Tie A Scarf


Even though there are many scarf knots you can tie, not all of them are comfortable to wear. Furthermore, other scarf knots take much time to tie that is why you should seek something simple and unique. Other scarf knots are too loose to wear, and the scarf ends up falling off after some time. Most scarves are made of wool or silk to prevent cold, which is why they are also difficult to tie.

Scarves have also become part of style in todayís fashion, which is why you find winter scarfs and summer scarfs available in the market. However, summer scarves are thinner compared to winter scarves. Another difference you will note about these two types of scarves is that winter scarves are bigger in size and warm. However, not matter the type of scarf you have here are popular knots you can tie your scarf.

Five Popular Ways You Can Tie A Scarf.

1. The Parisian knot. This type of scarf knot is easy to tie and only takes a few seconds. The first thing that you need to do is fold the scarf at the center and wrap it around your neck. Leave a loop on the sides where you will cross the ends once you can tied around the neck. This knot is easy to tie and easy to undo as well.

2. Twice around wear. Twice around may seem like the simplest way to wear a scarf, but it is very difficult to achieve this style. However, most people prefer wearing their scars this way because they are left loose and gives you more space to breathe around the neck section. The technique is to wrap your neck without tightening around the neck without choking yourself.

3. Four in hand. If you want to spend time outdoor engaging into different activities, then you might want to tie your scarf a bit tighter and much shorter. During such a moment, you can tie your scarf in this knot. The scarf will be more fasten thanks to the intertwining knots that covers the chest and throat.

4. The reverse drape knot. The reverse drape knot is easy to tie, which is why most parents use this style to tie scarfs around their kids neck. For you to achieve the reverse drape, wind your scarf around the neck once and twice if you want to make it short, and then tie the ends together on the front.

5. Overhand. The overhand is the simplest way to tie a scarf and does not require any skill in achieving this knot. What you need to do is throw back the scarf over the shoulders and tie a single knot under your chin. However, make sure that the knot is loose and not tight.

All this knots are easy to learn, and you can practice how to tie your scarf in a matter of minutes. However, you should consider the size of your scarf and the fabric that it is made of.

Switching To a More Minimalist Lifestyle

Many people these days can hardly move for the amount of “stuff” they have. Not only are their homes cluttered up with what can only be regarded as useless things but also their minds and hence their lives.


You may be surprised to learn that it is possible to be happy if you lead a minimalist life and get rid of excess clutter, in fact lots of people report that they are happier than ever.

If you fancy taking the road towards a more simple life but simply can’t bear to part with your Grandmothers china tea service then read on. Or if you want to simplify your wardrobe, check out my blog about finding your personal style.

Just like any worthwhile lifestyle change it is better to start slowly in order to maintain the minimalist life.

These are a few easy steps you can focus on at the beginning of your journey:

Put pen to paper – write down all of the reasons you have for wanting to live a simpler life. If you spend too much time cleaning and not enough time playing with the children write it down. If you are so stressed that you lay awake worrying all night write that down too. You will be able to return to this paper if you start to waver, knowing why you want to do something can be a big boost and help to make it happen.

Ditch the duplicates – go around your home and put anything which you have twice in a box. If you’ve got two measuring jugs put one in the box, if you’ve got two sets of cutlery put one in the box, if you’ve got two identical books or DVD’s put one in the box. Anything which you have in duplicate but only need one of put into the box, then leave the box somewhere for a month. If after that month you either didn’t need anything in the box or can’t even remember what is in it you can get rid of it. Donate it, sell it or dump it.

De-clutter one small space – it could be something as small as the kitchen table, the coffee table or your bedtime table. This clutter free area can be your inspiration to live with less and you can gradually spread this zone as it grows around your home. A de-cluttered night stand could grow into a clutter free bedroom and pretty soon you could have a clutter free house.

Have an emergency fund – save up $1000 for an emergency fund and you will be amazed at how much stress it will relieve. Even if you are in the middle of paying off debts save a small amount each month until you have this fund in place. If you have money put by for emergencies it can be a great comfort. Give yourself a year to reach this target – it only needs $20 per week and you’ll be amazed at how much stress this can relieve.

These are just the first steps towards a simpler, minimalist life. Even if you aren’t quite ready to get rid of Grandma’s tea service you can go a long way to improving your lifestyle. Less really is more.

The Process of Defining Your Personal Style

If you are ever interested in developing your personal style, it might take a little innovation on your part, but when you really stop to think about it, you probably follow after certain people anyway.


It is probably true that most people are not too out in “left field” as they say, about this subject, but more mainstream. You would also probably admit that there are some people who you do follow, so just sit down and be honest and tell yourself that you do, and then make a list of who they are, and what there is about them that you find attractive.

After you do this for awhile, you will start to see that there may be a lineup of repeat people to whom you show a liking to their style. It might be their hair, their look, how they dress, style of makeup and so forth.

Go to a site like Pinterest and start your collection. Start with their outfits, and see if you can get a pattern of what they wear, and why. What about colors – is there a common denominator there? Do colors define the style and the look? Perhaps they do, but would those same colors work for you?

Pick out several words that define the styles you see that you feel would apply to you specifically. Words such as bold, sleek, modern, ladylike, smart, colorful, just try and be as accurate as possible in your definitions, and you’ll be on the right track.

Keep in mind that you are not out to please anyone else in particular with this exercise, you are simply attempting to define what you like and what is going to work for you in defining your style. All you need is a working capsule wardrobe that makes you feel like a celebrity.;)

Here is a good watch to understand more about your style:

Think about accessories, and definitive parts of what people use for definition. For example, Audrey Hepburn had her short and cropped hair, over-sized sunglasses were the trademark of Jackie O. Edie Sedgwick used mod minis and earrings that were a statement. All of the fashionable women who stand out have a special signature item or two that eventually becomes part of their style.

Look in your closet just to see if you have an over abundance of any one thing. Perhaps you have a lot of a certain color or a certain type of blouse. Think about why you do have more of one item than others. You bought them because they make you feel good or feel happy, perhaps, and these things make you feel more comfortable.

As long as these items are flattering and works for your style, then keep at it, that is something that is working for you. Take a look as well, at what people compliment about what you are wearing. It may be your hair, or your good figure, but whatever it is, you should work on complimenting that very thing. Find out what pieces can complement that asset, whatever it is.

A little thinking, and some experimentation will get you where you want to be, and before you know it, you’ll be getting compliments on your style. I am an avid fan of this blog and get my capsule wardrobe inspo from it.

How You Can Style a Classic White Button Down Shirt

There are a few pieces that every woman’s wardrobe should have. These are classic pieces that have stood the test of time, defying trends. These pieces are incredibly versatile, and can be worn in all kinds of ways. One of these pieces is a classic white button down shirt.


A shirt like this can be worn professionally as well as casually. It’s something that you can wear to a date, a job interview, or even when you’re just lounging around the house. You’ll always be able to get use out of it.

The reason that this shirt works so well is that it’s essentially a blank slate. It can become anything you need it to be, whether than’s a professional blouse to wear to work or a casual shirt to knot up while wearing a pair of jeans. Here are a few of the many ways you can style a classic white button down shirt.

Over a T-Shirt

If you want to make a jeans and t-shirt look a little more interesting, try putting a white shirt over it. You can wear the shirt open or partially buttoned. It’ll look great either way!

Under a Leather Jacket


A leather jacket is another versatile piece, and it’ll look great if it’s paired with a white button down. There’s something about the contrast of white and black that is extremely visually appealing. Try pairing it with skinny jeans and black flats.

With a Skater Skirt

Skater skirts are a very trendy item as of late, and white button downs work very well with trendy items. Wear the shirt over a cami that you tuck into the skirt. You can tuck in the shirt as well and blouse it out, or you can tie it as the waist.

With a Suit

There’s no more classic way to wear a button down shirt than with a suit. What’s great is that it works with a suit of any style or color. You can wear it with a traditional black suit, a bright pink suit, or even a pinstripe suit and get great results.

With Shorts

Sometimes, you need something that will cover your arms in the summer that won’t make you too hot. A clean white shirt will breath well, and can easily be taken off and tied around the waist. Wear it over a simple tank top or camisole in any color.

Over a Little Black Dress

Want to make a little black dress feel a little more casual? Wear an open button up shirt over it. If you want to create an ultra-casual look, you could pair it with socks and black plimsole shoes.

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways you can style a classic white button down shirt. Make sure you take advantage of all of these styling tips, and make sure you have a chance to wear a shirt that you’ll love. You’ll be glad that you did.

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

If you are like most people, you are probably wondering what a capsule wardrobe is. Well, we’re here to tell you that a capsule wardrobe is something that’s a lot like a time capsule in that you freeze time.

capsule wardrobe2

Only in this case, you decide on a set of clothes that will never go out of style, but are something you can highlight with in-the-moment fashion pieces.

This concept was popularized by American designer Donna Karan, who, in 1985, launched an important capsule assortment of seven interchangeable pieces.

Capsule wardrobe is broadly utilized in the British and American fashion media, and it has been the topic of several popular TV series. The goal is to have a set of outfits appropriate for just about any occasion without needing to have an extra set of clothes clothing.

Normally, this is accomplished by purchasing what are regarded as “key” or “staple” products in matching colors. I like how Un-fancy blog that is run by Caroline explains about the process of building your own set of staple clothes.

How Do You Make a Capsule Wardrobe?

capsule wardrobe1

Here are some general rules;

1. Choose a color scheme

This could typically involve selecting a couple of base colors which go well with everything else like, for example, black, brown, gray, navy, whiten. Accessories like pants, handbags or jackets could be bought those shades, to ensure that they may be matched with other things in the wardrobe.

After selecting the base, choose a couple of accent colors which are better compared to the base colors. Coordinate these colors with one another. All of the products inside a wardrobe capsule ought to be interchangeable, and the hue of the pieces should invariably complement one another.

2. Think About Your Physique

Some cuts of clothing tend to be more flattering than others. By now you should already which type of clothes highlight and flatter your physique. When the clothes selected are flattering, the individual is more prone to ensure that they’re within their wardrobe.

3. Think about Your Complexion

Just like cuts of clothing, some colors are more flattering than the others, to both the complexion and the body shape. When the colors you select flatter your complexion, then your wardrobe will always stay in your favor.

4.  Choose Classic Shapes and Designs

Although some cuts and designs of clothing are considered high-fashion, you will find others that are considered ‘classic’ as they never go out of style. It’s smart to select classic pieces for any capsule wardrobe, because they are supposed to have been stored for several years.

5. Choose High-Quality Clothing Brand

As the idea of a capsule wardrobe is to possess a couple of products of clothing which may be worn in many various ways, individual pieces can suffer from overuse. Therefore, it may be beneficial to select only clothing that’s well-crafted, pieces that continuously look great regardless if you’ve been wearing them again and again.

When assembling your capsule wardrobe, it would help if you invest more money in buying branded or high-end items. This is to ensure that your clothes will last.