Green Smoothie: My Fave Ingredients

Have you tried the latest health craze – green smoothies? If not, you are going to want to go out and get yourself a blender as soon as possible. Not only does it live up to the hype, but it can significantly increase your overall health.

green smoothie

In this blog post, we will talk about some of the best ingredients to use in a green smoothie.

My Fave Choices

1. Spinach

green smoothie spinach

One of the best leafy greens that you should consider using in a green smoothie is spinach. Spinach is such a good leafy green to use in a smoothie because it contains a lot of different nutrients that are essential to proper health. For one, it is one of the best sources of iron. It also contains a lot of vitamins that are beneficial for your skin. Lastly, it contains a lot of chlorophyll which will help you reduce the amount of toxins in your bloodstream.

2. Apples


Apples are one of the best fruits that you can use in order to minimize the strong taste of the leafy greens in you smoothie. Apple’s have a pretty strong taste and for that reason they are good to use to cover up the bitterness of the greens. You can either use red apples or green apples. Green apples have less sugar. Therefore, they are better to use if you are trying to limit the overall amount of sugar in your smoothie.

3. Cinnamon

If you are making green smoothies, you might want to consider using cinnamon in them. The reason why you might want to consider using this spice is because it can help reduce the overall blood sugar level impact of the fruit in your smoothie. This is a good thing for anyone because blood sugar spikes can result in inflammation which would be counterproductive to drinking green smoothies in the first place.

4. Yogurt


Yogurt is another good thing to include in your smoothie. Yogurt will not only help give your smoothie an excellent creamy texture, but it will also help increase the overall amount of probiotics in your digestive system. This is going to increase the absorption effectiveness of the smoothie.

5. Carrots


It would also be wise to include a vegetable like carrots because they contain a lot of vitamin A which is great for the body, skin, and eyes. Carrots are also a stronger flavor that can help disguise the bitterness of the leafy greens.

As you can see, there are plenty of ingredients that you can use if you want to partake in green smoothies. They live up to the health hype that they have generated. They do so because they pack in a ton of nutrients and help you significantly increase the amount of healthy foods that you can get into your system every single day without having to eat a ton of meals.

Also, they make it very easy to digest the nutrients which maximizes their potential and reduces the amount of nutrients that go to waste because the vegetable cell walls are already broken down in the blending process.