How You Can Style a Classic White Button Down Shirt

There are a few pieces that every woman’s wardrobe should have. These are classic pieces that have stood the test of time, defying trends. These pieces are incredibly versatile, and can be worn in all kinds of ways. One of these pieces is a classic white button down shirt.


A shirt like this can be worn professionally as well as casually. It’s something that you can wear to a date, a job interview, or even when you’re just lounging around the house. You’ll always be able to get use out of it.

The reason that this shirt works so well is that it’s essentially a blank slate. It can become anything you need it to be, whether than’s a professional blouse to wear to work or a casual shirt to knot up while wearing a pair of jeans. Here are a few of the many ways you can style a classic white button down shirt.

Over a T-Shirt

If you want to make a jeans and t-shirt look a little more interesting, try putting a white shirt over it. You can wear the shirt open or partially buttoned. It’ll look great either way!

Under a Leather Jacket


A leather jacket is another versatile piece, and it’ll look great if it’s paired with a white button down. There’s something about the contrast of white and black that is extremely visually appealing. Try pairing it with skinny jeans and black flats.

With a Skater Skirt

Skater skirts are a very trendy item as of late, and white button downs work very well with trendy items. Wear the shirt over a cami that you tuck into the skirt. You can tuck in the shirt as well and blouse it out, or you can tie it as the waist.

With a Suit

There’s no more classic way to wear a button down shirt than with a suit. What’s great is that it works with a suit of any style or color. You can wear it with a traditional black suit, a bright pink suit, or even a pinstripe suit and get great results.

With Shorts

Sometimes, you need something that will cover your arms in the summer that won’t make you too hot. A clean white shirt will breath well, and can easily be taken off and tied around the waist. Wear it over a simple tank top or camisole in any color.

Over a Little Black Dress

Want to make a little black dress feel a little more casual? Wear an open button up shirt over it. If you want to create an ultra-casual look, you could pair it with socks and black plimsole shoes.

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways you can style a classic white button down shirt. Make sure you take advantage of all of these styling tips, and make sure you have a chance to wear a shirt that you’ll love. You’ll be glad that you did.