Ingenious Fabric Storage Tips for Your Sewing Room

A sewing room can be a pretty messy place if not organized. A well-organized work space is important since it provides a good working environment. A sewing room needs to be well arranged such that everything will be kept in a place where they can be picked or accessed without any difficulties.


In actual fact, you donít need plenty of space in order to create a functional sewing area. All you need are great ideas to help you organize your space irrespective of its size.

The following ideas will help inspire you to organize your fabric storage and sewing room in order to make it more appealing.

For starters, you can eliminate all the clutter by storing fabric and quilting supplies in an armoire. Fabric swatches and inspiration can be conveniently hanged from the doors while upper shelving can be used to organize fat quarters and boxes used to store quilting notions.

A sewing machine, a cutting surface, and baskets used to keep fabric supplies can be stashed into a rolling table with storage space underneath. The table can then be rolled away from the wall any time you need extra room. An ironing board together with some not-so-attractive supplies can be stashed in a nearby closet.

If you have limited space, you can think of spreading up. Supplies can be stacked up in the sewing tableís storage compartment for easy reach. You can place the fabrics in open shelving and stash rulers and scissors in closed drawers. To create a bright and organized space, you can fill clear jars with thread and buttons and place them on top.

In case you have a spacious place, you can place a desk at a corner and also long tables in appropriate position to serve as cutting and sewing space. You may use the wall space to store items such as magazines, patterns and other supplies.

You can store fabric for on-going projects in tiered wire baskets on your cutting surface. This makes it very easy to access them. Also, wall space can be maximized by hanging tools from a pegboard.

You can create a sewing corner in any spot in your house, together with a work surface and storage. Gluing a fabric scrap to a magnetic chalkboard will create a bright inspiration board. A woven basket slid underneath a desk will be handy in holding fabric scraps. A small wire shelving unit placed in the corner can be used to stash the larger pieces of fabric.

If you want to expand your storage area in a colourful manner, painting the pegboard and fixing it above stock cabinetry will just do the trick. In addition, you may hang shelves, hooks, as well as containers from the pegboard in order to ensure that the supplies are within reach. Also, you may add clipboards to the pegboard to create an easy place to store fabric swatches.

When it comes to furnishing, a flirty-legged vanity, comfortable chair, coupled with a perfect-sized wall-hung cupboard to hold patterns, ribbons, and stacks of fat quarters will be perfect. Drawers in the vanity and boxes placed on the table ingeniously conceal notions.