Saving Money: Easy and Useful Tips from A College Girl Like Me

Tired of feeling like your pockets are always empty? I felt the same way. Going off to college was a frightening experience because it was my first real taste of freedom and I knew my parents would be miles away.

my piggy bank

Living off of income from a part-time job would not be easy, but I managed to figure out a way to save and survive on a budget.

If you want to save money like me, a college student who only earns minimum wage by working part-time at a local restaurant near my school, there are all kinds of useful tips that you can follow.

Consider giving each of these tips a try because they may work just as well for you as they do for me.

Use Coupons

It seems obvious, but a lot of teenagers are often concerned about what others are going to think about them if they are clipping coupons. In all reality, who cares? You can save hundreds of dollars a year by clipping coupons so why not start today? Grab local coupon papers and visit coupon websites where you can print them out and use them at the stores that you tend to visit.

Visit Your Local Dollar Store

When you need simple things, such as disinfectant wipes, air freshener, markers or even pens, you can save big time by going to the dollar store for those items instead of shopping at the large department stores. They may carry brands that you have never heard of before, but they often work just as well as the name brand selections.

Get Rid of Stuff Online

Have a bunch of name brand clothing you no longer want or a piece of jewelry you want to get rid of? Consider listing it on eBay or a local forum for buying, selling and trading. You can get some extra crash just by selling some of the belongings that you are no longer using.

Set Aside $5 From Your Paycheck

Each time you get paid, place a five dollar bill in a jar or box for safe keeping. Continue collecting with each paycheck for about 6 months. Once you open your jar or box, you will see how much money you have managed to save. You can then use it on any of the items that you need, such as food or toiletries.

Earn Money From Your Hobbies

Do you have a hobby? Turn them into profitable source of income by offering friends your services or handmade stuff. I am into sewing and I always make easy projects that can be whipped up really fast and sell them to friends and relatives. You will be surprised how these handmade gifts are in demand during Christmas and other big holidays. I like to check Amber`s site every now and then for some savvy tips about sewing.

Make Your Own Beauty Products

When you are already on a tight budget, it is kind of hard to afford that $30 moisturizer or $50 facial mask treatment at the spa. Skip out on those unnecessary expenses and stick to at-home beauty products that have been tested by people just like you. In fact, one of my favorite recipes is the honey, oatmeal and lemon juice face mask. I keep it on my face for 30 minutes before rinsing and my skin immediately looks better.

Now if you are anything like me and you do not want to feel broke all the time while in college, consider trying these tips. As long as you are saving something, they are completely worth it.