Switching To a More Minimalist Lifestyle

Many people these days can hardly move for the amount of “stuff” they have. Not only are their homes cluttered up with what can only be regarded as useless things but also their minds and hence their lives.


You may be surprised to learn that it is possible to be happy if you lead a minimalist life and get rid of excess clutter, in fact lots of people report that they are happier than ever.

If you fancy taking the road towards a more simple life but simply can’t bear to part with your Grandmothers china tea service then read on. Or if you want to simplify your wardrobe, check out my blog about finding your personal style.

Just like any worthwhile lifestyle change it is better to start slowly in order to maintain the minimalist life.

These are a few easy steps you can focus on at the beginning of your journey:

Put pen to paper – write down all of the reasons you have for wanting to live a simpler life. If you spend too much time cleaning and not enough time playing with the children write it down. If you are so stressed that you lay awake worrying all night write that down too. You will be able to return to this paper if you start to waver, knowing why you want to do something can be a big boost and help to make it happen.

Ditch the duplicates – go around your home and put anything which you have twice in a box. If you’ve got two measuring jugs put one in the box, if you’ve got two sets of cutlery put one in the box, if you’ve got two identical books or DVD’s put one in the box. Anything which you have in duplicate but only need one of put into the box, then leave the box somewhere for a month. If after that month you either didn’t need anything in the box or can’t even remember what is in it you can get rid of it. Donate it, sell it or dump it.

De-clutter one small space – it could be something as small as the kitchen table, the coffee table or your bedtime table. This clutter free area can be your inspiration to live with less and you can gradually spread this zone as it grows around your home. A de-cluttered night stand could grow into a clutter free bedroom and pretty soon you could have a clutter free house.

Have an emergency fund – save up $1000 for an emergency fund and you will be amazed at how much stress it will relieve. Even if you are in the middle of paying off debts save a small amount each month until you have this fund in place. If you have money put by for emergencies it can be a great comfort. Give yourself a year to reach this target – it only needs $20 per week and you’ll be amazed at how much stress this can relieve.

These are just the first steps towards a simpler, minimalist life. Even if you aren’t quite ready to get rid of Grandma’s tea service you can go a long way to improving your lifestyle. Less really is more.