The Process of Defining Your Personal Style

If you are ever interested in developing your personal style, it might take a little innovation on your part, but when you really stop to think about it, you probably follow after certain people anyway.


It is probably true that most people are not too out in “left field” as they say, about this subject, but more mainstream. You would also probably admit that there are some people who you do follow, so just sit down and be honest and tell yourself that you do, and then make a list of who they are, and what there is about them that you find attractive.

After you do this for awhile, you will start to see that there may be a lineup of repeat people to whom you show a liking to their style. It might be their hair, their look, how they dress, style of makeup and so forth.

Go to a site like Pinterest and start your collection. Start with their outfits, and see if you can get a pattern of what they wear, and why. What about colors – is there a common denominator there? Do colors define the style and the look? Perhaps they do, but would those same colors work for you?

Pick out several words that define the styles you see that you feel would apply to you specifically. Words such as bold, sleek, modern, ladylike, smart, colorful, just try and be as accurate as possible in your definitions, and you’ll be on the right track.

Keep in mind that you are not out to please anyone else in particular with this exercise, you are simply attempting to define what you like and what is going to work for you in defining your style. All you need is a working capsule wardrobe that makes you feel like a celebrity.;)

Here is a good watch to understand more about your style:

Think about accessories, and definitive parts of what people use for definition. For example, Audrey Hepburn had her short and cropped hair, over-sized sunglasses were the trademark of Jackie O. Edie Sedgwick used mod minis and earrings that were a statement. All of the fashionable women who stand out have a special signature item or two that eventually becomes part of their style.

Look in your closet just to see if you have an over abundance of any one thing. Perhaps you have a lot of a certain color or a certain type of blouse. Think about why you do have more of one item than others. You bought them because they make you feel good or feel happy, perhaps, and these things make you feel more comfortable.

As long as these items are flattering and works for your style, then keep at it, that is something that is working for you. Take a look as well, at what people compliment about what you are wearing. It may be your hair, or your good figure, but whatever it is, you should work on complimenting that very thing. Find out what pieces can complement that asset, whatever it is.

A little thinking, and some experimentation will get you where you want to be, and before you know it, you’ll be getting compliments on your style. I am an avid fan of this blog and get my capsule wardrobe inspo from it.