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This site is dedicated to my two favorite things: capsule wardrobe and sewing. As a second year college student, finances are tight so it is important to have clothing that will work in just about any situation. And paying for college means I don’t have a lot of money to get the wardrobe I need. So after going home to visit my grandmother during freshman year, I got the idea of making my own capsule wardrobe.

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is that you have a few pieces of clothing that are versatile, and can be traded off with other pieces to create different looks. For instance; I have 2 pairs of slacks, 1 pair of jeans, a few sweaters, a dress jacket, an actual dress and two each of lounging shirts and dress shirts.

The reason I wanted to get into making my own clothing, is that even though my wardrobe is small, it can be costly to
buy. Off campus I could pay up to $80 for a dress jacket, or make one for about $15. So if you are on a budget and want to have a nice wardrobe to be able to keep you in style and ready for all occasions, you have found the site to favorite. I do change my wardrobe every six months or so, but only to keep up with the seasons. I go from slacks and jeans to shorts and skirts, and now you get the benefit of learning to do this as well. Below are the projects and information you will find here:

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  • Jenny’s wardrobe pick for Spring/Summer
  • Jenny’s wardrobe pick for Winter/Fall
  • Capsule Wardrobe Basics
  • Basic pattern ideas
  • Basics of matching apparel
  • Finding Your Style

So if you have a full closet already, you may have your capsule wardrobe and just overlook it. But with the information on my blog, you can go through and find the pieces and even add to it by making your own at home.

Saving money is big for women who love clothes, and saving space is always a good thing. When you can open your closet and find exactly the outfit you want inside of just a few minutes, there’s an instant gratification. And knowing you MADE that outfit is even better. No one else will have your shirt, your skirt or your jacket. Strike out on your own and find your style; flaunt it and show everyone the real you.