What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

If you are like most people, you are probably wondering what a capsule wardrobe is. Well, we’re here to tell you that a capsule wardrobe is something that’s a lot like a time capsule in that you freeze time.

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Only in this case, you decide on a set of clothes that will never go out of style, but are something you can highlight with in-the-moment fashion pieces.

This concept was popularized by American designer Donna Karan, who, in 1985, launched an important capsule assortment of seven interchangeable pieces.

Capsule wardrobe is broadly utilized in the British and American fashion media, and it has been the topic of several popular TV series. The goal is to have a set of outfits appropriate for just about any occasion without needing to have an extra set of clothes clothing.

Normally, this is accomplished by purchasing what are regarded as “key” or “staple” products in matching colors. I like how Un-fancy blog that is run by Caroline explains about the process of building your own set of staple clothes.

How Do You Make a Capsule Wardrobe?

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Here are some general rules;

1. Choose a color scheme

This could typically involve selecting a couple of base colors which go well with everything else like, for example, black, brown, gray, navy, whiten. Accessories like pants, handbags or jackets could be bought those shades, to ensure that they may be matched with other things in the wardrobe.

After selecting the base, choose a couple of accent colors which are better compared to the base colors. Coordinate these colors with one another. All of the products inside a wardrobe capsule ought to be interchangeable, and the hue of the pieces should invariably complement one another.

2. Think About Your Physique

Some cuts of clothing tend to be more flattering than others. By now you should already which type of clothes highlight and flatter your physique. When the clothes selected are flattering, the individual is more prone to ensure that they’re within their wardrobe.

3. Think about Your Complexion

Just like cuts of clothing, some colors are more flattering than the others, to both the complexion and the body shape. When the colors you select flatter your complexion, then your wardrobe will always stay in your favor.

4.  Choose Classic Shapes and Designs

Although some cuts and designs of clothing are considered high-fashion, you will find others that are considered ‘classic’ as they never go out of style. It’s smart to select classic pieces for any capsule wardrobe, because they are supposed to have been stored for several years.

5. Choose High-Quality Clothing Brand

As the idea of a capsule wardrobe is to possess a couple of products of clothing which may be worn in many various ways, individual pieces can suffer from overuse. Therefore, it may be beneficial to select only clothing that’s well-crafted, pieces that continuously look great regardless if you’ve been wearing them again and again.

When assembling your capsule wardrobe, it would help if you invest more money in buying branded or high-end items. This is to ensure that your clothes will last.